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Stacks "The Study of History" Podcast is designed for historians and history lovers. Using

secondary and primary sources, Stacks brings history to life. Here historians and scholars

learn the historiography (the patterns and trends of historical scholarship, arguments, and

the general perspective of any given topic), methodology (how historians interpret primary

and secondary sources), and research process (how historians gather, organize, analyze

primary and secondary sources) from various time periods and events. By utilizing these

techniques, we will examine history through historical lenses (history literary themes),

which include but are not limited to the following: government, military, geography, culture, society, religion, gender, race, economics, etc...Come join me, your hostess, Jeni Kirby to

research, learn, and discover, great nations, civilizations, and leaders, from pre-history

modern times, in American, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern histories.

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